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Construction Site Managers


Dedicated and focused on your specifications. If a contractor with the connections to make your construction or renovation requirements be fulfilled, then A1 Construction Group is the one to deliver. Nearly a decade was spent on honing the capabilities to deliver. Experience to answer your questions on the engineering of plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and simple renovations.

Pipe laying


Meeting or communicating with our clients is a necessity when it comes to project planning. Our company will relay the necessary information to properly inform both sides with updates and changes to coordinate together and mitigate misinformation, which is a key part of our success. Whether it be daily, weekly, or even occasionally, our engineers can meet your standards for work updates of day-to-day operations. Proper documents and communication for the work are essential for our group

Pipe Testing


From plumbing to process piping, our company has experience in offering our engineers the qualifications to handle them all. From our veterans to our recruits, precision is paramount to the success of delivering liquids through safe and clean methods. Our trained professionals are more than reliable to take on the tasks you can offer. Our company effectively follows the plumbing codes when following the procedures for facilitating clean water. Naturally, we follow the engineering code for regulating and transporting substances besides water for processing plant

Hands Repairing Air Conditioner


Whether it's a straight cool system, a package unit, or a heat pump that provides both heating and cooling, nothing is more important to a successful installation and our company can get the system right. The difference between a heat pump, a straight cool, and a package unit, and the complexities of the specifics are no issue to our engineers. Forced-air heating and cooling systems rely on a branching network of air ducts to circulate conditioned air throughout your home and we can make it happen. Trust in our knowledge to finish the task of setting up any installations regarding your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Urban Interior Design


Careful planning before starting any project is a must to mitigate hindrances, delays, and mistakes. Our company strives to perfect your image on any project for your interior from complete renovations to simple decorations. We are prepared to provide an estimate for your project before anything else to help your decision. Our years of experience and hands in several different interiors have given us a wide range of skills to further reach your goal. Working together with our customers will be an exciting journey to the finish line

Fixing Electricity Lines


In the modern world where electricity is a near necessity in our everyday life, competence to provide is also a must. A secure and safe method provided with the knowledge of how currents work is what our engineers are trained to acquire. Starting from the supply of power, the transference of electricity, to the use of your device or appliance, we can deliver. Our dedication to safety also ensures safe work environments with protection from hazards. Allow us to help you with your electrical need

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